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300 Series and 500 Series Tungsten Gas Heaters

Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Gas Heater 300 or 500 Series

With their contemporary design and raw heating output, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ range of gas radiant heaters are the perfect addition for any hotel lobby, outdoor restaurant or courtyard cafe. They are especially created for use in wind-exposed areas. Additional specs on the 300 and 500 series can be found below.

300 Series and 500 Series Platinum Gas Heaters

Platinum Smart-Heat™ Gas Heater 300 or 500 Series

The Platinum Smart-Heat™ range of outdoor heaters features a stylish design, excellent heat performance and intuitive controls. These models are suitable for all types of outdoor living areas, from alfresco dining spots to street-side coffee shops. Additional specs such as wind resistance, weight, and heat output can be found below.


Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric

The electric outdoor heaters from the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ line can be mounted on wall or ceiling brackets at an adjustable angle. The heating element is a frosted, infrared tube that emits a low-intensity glow. It serves to warm the space and enhance its overall ambiance. A range of power outputs are available.

Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Heater

Tungsten Smart-Heat Portable

The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Heater is the synthesis of cutting edge design, world-first engineering, and practical functionality. Consistent with Bromic Heating’s vision for industry innovation, the Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable takes relocatable gas heating to the next level with its efficiency and effectiveness unparalleled in today’s market.

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